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C, C++, & C#


C Language Family


C can be considered the originator of modern programming, with almost all languages borrowing aspects of C. However, unless you are going to have intimate knowledge of the hardware, C might be needlessly broad for most people. C is learned learned more for low-level and short code sequences or to apply the knowledge to other languages.

This language is pretty difficult and mostly used for more robotics based application.

C tutorials:



C++ is slightly more applicable. It was created to make C easier to use for larger-scale and system-wide programs. This makes it a little more robust and more applicable for media like video games and apps, while still being broad for data managed.

C++ is mostly helpful for data manipulation and general programming.

C++ tutorials:



C#, created by microsoft, is optimized for specifically computer applications. Most video games are coded in this language due to its large catalogue of features, its code encapsulation, and its ease of use. These aspects makes it much easier for less professional coders to create media. C# is highly reccomended for people focusing on media creation.

C# is usually the best language for media creation.

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